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Tips & Tricks

Do I use adhesives or screws and nails on drywall?
The best choice is a combination of both. Adhesives will allow you to use fewer fasteners, while ensuring a smoother wall surface that's less prone to nail pops and rattling against studs.

Will using more glue make my flooring stick better?
Using extra glue won't strengthen your bond. In fact, it will weaken it. When applying adhesive to flooring, try using a zigzag pattern then spreading it out with a notched trowel. This will ensure that all of the outer edges and centers are properly covered.

Can I use Power Grab outdoors?
Power Grab Heavy Duty Clear Construction Adhesive is rated for outdoor use. But you still want to make sure the bond has time to set before exposing it to elements like water. So check your forecast for rain in the next 24 hours before using it outdoors. Or make sure your work is adequately covered and protected. It will dry in 24 hours. Full strength and water resistance develops after 7 days.