Tips & Tricks

How do I get a broken key out of a door?
One trick that seems to work is using super glue to reattach the part of the key that broke off. After a few minutes, simply pull the key out of the door and discard.

How can I repair hard-to-remove rotting window sills or molding?
If the damage to the wood isn't too significant, consider using an epoxy to fill the damaged portions of the wood. An epoxy can be sanded, drilled, and painted. And it moves with the wood, so it's less likely to crack or fall out.

How do I get the best hold when attaching paneling?
First, prep the wall by removing any pealing or loose paint. When attaching the paneling, press it firmly against the wall to help the adhesive spread across both surfaces. Pull the panel away from the wall for a minute to allow the air to start the curing process, then reattach the paneling by pressing it firmly against the wall.