Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive

Available Sizes: 9 fl oz


Color When Dry: White



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Loctite® Power Grab® Ultimate Construction Adhesive

All Conditions, All Weather, All Materials

Loctite Power Grab Ultimate is the latest in Construction Adhesive technology. This formula works in all conditions, all weather and on all materials. It can be applied in wet conditions as well as bond two non-porous surfaces, which most construction adhesives cannot do. This product also can be applied in a wide temperature range, from 40-140°F, on both interior and exterior projects. It is repositionable for 10 minutes and is GREENGUARD® certified.

Recommended For

  • Concrete, masonry, granite, brick
  • Tile, ceramic, porcelain
  • Aluminum, metal, stainless steel
  • Drywall, plaster
  • PVC, fiberglass
  • Wood, laminate

Not Recommended For

  • Areas permanently immersed in water
  • Marine applications