Polyseamseal All Purpose Adhesive Caulk

Available Sizes: 1.5 oz., 5.5 oz., 10 oz.


Color When Dry: White, Almond, Black, Clear



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Loctite® Polyseamseal® All Purpose

Adhesive Caulk

Loctite Polyseamseal All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk is a premium grade water-based caulk designed to have the strength of an adhesive and the sealing characteristics of a caulk. Loctite Polyseamseal All-Purpose bonds to almost any surface including wood, concrete, metal, ceramic, drywall, plaster and much more. Easy to apply and tool. Environmentally safe, soap and water clean-up. Contains no silicone.

Other Recommended Product Solutions

Recommended For

  • Repairing or concealing small cracks in plaster, drywall or around moulding and baseboards
  • Gluing loose moulding or tiles, securing backsplashes, setting sinks
  • Almost any household or remodeling project
  • Sealing air leaks around windows, doors and other utility and plumbing penetrations

Not Recommended For

  • Not for use below water line, on mirrors or in aquariums, under shower door tracks or between two non-porous surfaces
  • Not for use on Butt joints
  • Do not use on unfinished or unprimed fiber cement (Fiber cement must be primed or have a factory finish before application)
  • Not recommended for continuous water immersion
  • Not for use in architectural joints, joints subject to heavy abrasion or wear or tuck pointing
  • Do not apply outdoors if rain or freezing temperatures are expected within 24 hours of application
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F (5°C) and above 100°F (38°C)
  • If joint size exceeds ¼'' x ¼'' use backing material