Go2 Repair Wrap - Self-Fusing Multipurpose Silicone Wrap

Available Sizes: 1” x 5’ roll, 1” x 7.5’ roll


Color When Dry: Black



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Go2® Repair Wrap

Self-Fusing Multipurpose Silicone Wrap

Loctite® Go2® Repair Wrap is a self-fusing, highly versatile silicone wrap that seals instantly and protects against leakage, corrosion and scratches. It's ideal for temporary repairs, is highly flexible and able to stretch up to 3 times its length. When wrapped around a surface, it bonds to itself creating an airtight, waterproof seal. The tapered edges provide uniform wrap thickness and protects against corrosion and scratches. Since Go2 Repair Wrap does not contain any adhesive, it is easily removable and does not leave a residue.

Other Recommended Product Solutions

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Recommended For

  • Home: Electrical Connections, Audio and Video Cables and Connectors, Sealing Repairs (e.g. Flexible Heaters, Pipes, Ducts, Hoses), Wrapping Tape (e.g. Extension Cord, Tool Handle Wrapping, Jacketing), 'No Residue' Tape Clamping.
  • Automotive: Emergency Radiator Repairs, Harness Wrapping, Jumper Cable Grip/Insulation, Vibration Protection for Hoses & Pipes, Temporary Hose Clamp Applications.*
  • Marine: Boat Rigging Wrap, Saltwater-proof/Underwater Repair, Marine Exhaust Repairs, Power Hook-Up Protective Wrap, Splintery Boat Rails, Bus Bar Insulation, Coolant Line Repairs, Whipping Rope Ends, Sailboat Chafe Protection.

Not Recommended For

  • Exposure to concentrated acids or alkalis
  • * Pressurized pipes (i.e. water supply)
  • Exposure to nonpolar liquids