Loctite Stik'n Seal Outdoor Adhesive

Available Sizes: 1 fl. oz., 2 fl. oz.


Color When Dry: Clear



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Loctite® Stik'n Seal® Outdoor Adhesive

Water Resistant / Crystal Clear

Loctite® Stik'n Seal® is a versatile high-performance adhesive sealant formulated for all-purpose projects and repairs. This semi-flexible crystal-clear adhesive is designed to address the daily needs of the homeowner, both indoor and outdoor.

Recommended For

  • Bonding aluminum, brick, cardboard, ceramic, fabric, fiberglass, glass, leather, rubber, steel, wood and most plastics
  • At least one surface should be porous

Not Recommended For

  • Bonding hard to bond plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Potable water systems
  • Bonding two non-porous surfaces