Clear, Durable, Versatile Go2 Glue

Available Sizes: 1.75 fl. oz., 3.5 fl. oz., 5.5 fl. oz.


Color When Dry: Clear



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Go2® Glue

Hybrid Technology. Extra Durable & Versatile. Dries Crystal Clear.

Safety Precautions

Wear gloves and wash hands after use.


Protect work area. Surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry and free of grease, dust, old adhesive residue, paint and other contaminants. Pre-fit all materials before applying adhesive. To open, rotate cap counter-clockwise.


Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one surface. Bond parts immediately after applying the adhesive and hold or clamp parts together for at least 30 minutes. Very porous materials will require a thicker layer of adhesive and application to both surfaces may be required. Loctite Go2 Glue cures by absorption of moisture from the environment; therefore at least one surface must be porous.


Clean tools and adhesive residue immediately with alcohol, acetone or cleaner's naphtha. Cured sealant may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool.