Loctite PL 520 Mirror Adhesive

Available Sizes: 10 fl.oz.


Color When Dry: Tan



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Loctite® PL® 520 Mirror Adhesive

Safety Precautions

Interior applications require ventilation to the outside during application and cure. Wear gloves. Wash hands after use.


The temperature of the adhesive, the surfaces and the working area must be 40°F (4°C) or above to achieve proper adhesion. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry, structurally sound and free of dust, grease, oil or other contaminants. Unpainted surfaces of drywall, plaster and concrete must be sealed to prevent caustic lime from attacking the mirror backing. Cut off tip of cartridge at 45° angle to desired bead size. For exterior applications, the recommended bead size is 3/8' (9.5 mm). Puncture seal inside of nozzle.


Using a caulking gun, apply adhesive to back of mirror in a 2-3'' diameter spot for every square foot of mirror. Place mirror in position within 10 minutes of application. A support system, such as plastic holders or clips must be used to hold mirrors in place. Do not attempt to remove or reposition the mirror once in place. Maximum bond strength is obtained when the original bond is preserved. Typically, PL® Mirror Adhesive will cure to 60% strength within 48 hours at normal room temperature. Total time required for curing is depending upon temperature, humidity and the amount of air able to reach the adhesive.


Clean tools and uncured adhesive residue immediately with acetone or mineral spirits in a well-ventilated area to the outdoors. Cured adhesive may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool.