Loctite PL Premium FAST GRAB Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Available Sizes: 10 fl. oz.


Color When Dry: Grey



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Loctite® PL Premium® FAST GRAB Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Safety Precautions

Wear gloves. Cured adhesive on bare skin will not come off immediately with washing and will cause skin to darken. Cured adhesive and discoloration will come off in about 3 days.


Use above 5°C (40°F). Surfaces must be clean and free of frost, standing water, grease, dust and other contaminants. Pre-fit all materials and protect finished surfaces. Cut nozzle at a 45° angle to desired bead size and puncture inner seal. Be very careful not to allow PL Premium® FAST GRAB to cure on a finished surface.


Apply adhesive to one surface of the material being bonded. Press the surfaces firmly together. Materials may be repositioned within 20 minutes after applying the adhesive. If bonding two non-porous surfaces (such as foam, metal and fiberglass), add water in the form of a very light or atomized spray from a plant mister bottle to the extruded adhesive. The repositioning time will then be reduced to less than 15 minutes. Use mechanical support for 24 hours while the adhesive cures.


Clean tools and adhesive residue immediately with mineral spirits. Loctite® PL Premium® FAST GRAB must be removed mechanically once cured.