Loctite PL Premium FAST GRAB Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Available Sizes: 10 fl. oz.


Color When Dry: Grey



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Loctite® PL Premium® FAST GRAB Polyurethane Construction Adhesive



8X Stronger Than Ordinary Construction Adhesive, Fast Grab

Compared to Original Formula, holds objects quickly, no bracing is required

Virtually VOC Free

< 2 % by weight

Meets and exceeds APA AFG-01 specs

Can be applied directly to wet, frozen or treated lumber

High strength

Stronger than many substrates it joins together; Up to 8 times the strength of conventional adhesives

Water resistant

Can be used outdoors; Ideal for humid areas

Low odor

No strong solvent odor; Excellent for indoor projects

Twice the cover

Less adhesive required due to the expansion of the adhesive as it cures

Long open time

Extended repositioning time