Polyurethane Self-Leveling Concrete Crack Sealant

Available Sizes: 10 fl. oz., 28 fl. oz.


Color When Dry: Limestone Gray



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Loctite® PL® Concrete Self-Leveling Polyurethane Sealant

Driveways, Sidewalks, and Garage Floors

Safety Precautions

Wear gloves. Sealant may temporarily stain skin.


Surface Preparation:
Surfaces must be structurally sound, dry and free of all loose aggregate, paint, oil, grease, asphalt, release agents, wax and mastic compounds prior to the application of the sealant.

Backing Materials:
Maximum recommended joint depth is 3/8' (9.5 mm). Sealants may bubble if applied too deep or if substrate is not absolutely dry. In joints deeper than 3/8' (9.5 mm) use of a backer rod is recommended. For joints subject to puncture (i.e. by either high heels or umbrella points), use of a stiffer or higher density back up material is required. Cork or rigid non-impregnated cane-fiber joint fillers are suitable. Make sure that the backing material is tight to the sides of the joint to prevent loss of sealant through the bottom. Note: Do not use other caulks or sand as a bottom bed in a joint.

New Concrete:
Remove all loose material, assuring that joining surfaces are clean, dry and structurally sound. Surfaces in contact with form release agents should be cleaned by sandblasting. Fresh concrete must be fully cured. Laitance must be removed by abrading.

Old Concrete:
For joints previously sealed, remove all joint sealing material by mechanical means. If joint surfaces have absorbed oils, sufficient concrete must be removed to ensure a clean surface.

General Preparation:
Use above 40°F (4°C). In cool or cold weather, store container where temperature is about 75°F (25°C) for at least 24 hours before using. Cut nozzle at a 45° angle to desired bead size and puncture inner seal.


Apply sealant with a steady pressure, forcing into the joint. Fill joints from the bottom; avoid bridging of the joint, which may form air bubbles. Sealant will self-level to form a clean joint surface. Protect open containers from heat and /or direct sunlight. Do not use in joints deeper than 3/8' (9.5 mm) without the use of a backer rod. The depth of the sealant should be half the width of the joint. The maximum depth is ½' (31 mm) and the minimum is ¼' (6 mm). Sealant skins within 24 hours, is functional within 3 days and reaches full cure in about 1 week.


Clean tools and any uncured sealant residue immediately with mineral spirits in a well-ventilated area to the outdoors. Cured sealant may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool.