Repairing a splintered chair rung

The bottom rung of a chair can often break. The resulting break is often splintered and hard to re-mate. In this case, an adhesive with gap-filling properties is needed – epoxy.

Step-by-Step Directions


Cut away splintered ends until the chair rung can be realigned into its original position. Do not worry if there are open gaps and cracks, they will be filled with the epoxy adhesive.


Using masking tape, form a "trough" around the splintered joint. This will serve as a mold for the liquid epoxy.


Prepare the epoxy to fill into the repair. Epoxies are 2 part adhesives that are high strength and excellent at bridging gaps and voids. A convenient option is Loctite® Instant-Mix™ Epoxy. It comes with a self-mixing nozzle that does the mixing for you as you squeeze down on the plunger. The long nozzle also makes it easy to direct the epoxy exactly where you want it.


Fill the splintered joint with epoxy. The masking tape "trough" will force the epoxy to conform to the general shape of the rung. Let set until fully cured (24 hours).


Remove the tape and file and sand the epoxy into the shape of the rung. Paint or stain the repair to match the color of the chair.


  • Loctite epoxies are extra strong and made especially for highly stressed bonds.