Sealing rust on outdoor power equipment

Seal rust and protect your investment with Loctite® Extend™ Spray.

Step-by-Step Directions


Working in a well ventilated area, make sure engine of the power equipment is off. Place newspaper over work surface for protection and easy clean-up.


Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses. Remove loose rust with a wire brush. Surface rust is OK to leave and will be sealed by the Loctite Extend spray.


Spray a light coat of Loctite Extend over the rusted surface, following the directions on the can. A second coat can be applied if necessary.


After 24 hours, top coat with paint for lasting protection.


  • Loctite Extend Spray converts rust into a sealed and protected surface that is ready for priming and painting. It is the easiest way to get rid of unsightly and damaging rust on a wide variety of household equipment.