Installing a wall niche

Showcase a favorite sculpture or piece of art with a wall niche.

Step-by-Step Directions


The first step in this process is the most fun – choosing the location and the wall niche itself. These niches are available at your local home center, online and through mail order catalogs. It's much easier to install when you choose one that is 14 ½" in width, allowing you to fit the niche in the space between the wall studs.


Be sure to locate the wall studs using a stud finder. Mark the center of the wall space between the studs and the edges of the studs with a pencil.


To determine the height of the niche, be sure to measure approximately 32" to 42" from the floor and mark it (this will be the bottom of the niche). Position your level on that mark then draw a level horizontal line the width of the niche and two vertical level lines the height of the niche.


Hold the bottom of the niche level with the line and trace around the top of the niche. Mark a cutting line ¾" inside the perimeter line. This cutting line will provide a lip to support the decorative niche.


Use a drywall saw to cut the cutting line. Cut around the entire line and remove the drywall. Check the hole you have just created to make sure that the niche fits.


To add additional support for the niche, you will need to add framing to the top (header) and bottom (sill) of the opening with short 2 x 4s. These 2 x 4s need to be measured and cut to fit between the existing wall studs. Apply a string of Loctite® Power Grab® All Purpose construction adhesive along the 2 x 4 back and edges and press into place (you may need to use a hammer to tap the blocks into position). Let set until dry.


Apply Loctite Power Grab around the rim on the backside of the niche and press the niche into place. Once again use the level to make sure that the niche is perfectly level on your wall. Brace until set.


Fill in all holes with spackle and paint as desired. Let it dry completely and add your favorite small sculpture, vase of flowers or a favorite piece of artwork from your children.


  • Make sure that you are not cutting into electrical wiring or plumbing.

  • Hold your saw at a slight angle to prevent the blade from damaging the other side of the wall.

  • Loctite® Power Grab® is GREENGUARD™ Certified so you never have to worry about indoor air quality. This makes Loctite Power Grab ideal for use in office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and schools.