Installing decorative door panels/molding trim

Spruce up a flat-panel door with decorative trim and panels.

Step-by-Step Directions


Create your own pattern by sketching the door to scale on a piece of grid paper and drawing the desired molding/trim pattern to scale on the drawing.


Draw the outside perimeter of the pattern in pencil on the actual door panel. Measure and cut the molding pieces on a miter or box saw. Attach pieces to the door using Loctite® Power Grab® Molding & Paneling Construction Adhesive or Loctite® Power Grab® Heavy Duty. The Instant Grab™ keeps the trim in place and requires no screws or nails. It is also water and weatherproof for all-season performance.


Stain or paint the molding to match or contrast the door panel.


  • Loctite Power Grab is GREENGUARD™ Certified so you never have to worry about indoor air quality. This makes Loctite Power Grab ideal for use in office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and schools.