Building a custom shoe rack

A pile of mismatched shoes can be easily organized with a custom shoe rack and a little Loctite® Wood Bonder.

Step-by-Step Directions


Determine the desired depth, width and height of your shoe shelving. A typical unit holding 9 pairs of shoes on the 3 interior shelves will measure 27" high, 30" wide and 12" deep.


Top and bottom of unit: cut two pieces of plywood to the desired length. These will run parallel to the wall.


Sides: cut two pieces of plywood to the height measurement for the sides, subtracting an inch and a half from the height to accommodate the bottom and top boards.


Shelves: cut plywood boards to the desired width measurement. Typical shelf depth is 12". The shelves need to be cut to the length measurement minus 1-1/2" to fit inside the plywood box.


Attach top: attach the top plywood piece to the two sides by drilling holes and inserting screws. Apply Loctite Wood Bonder to the joint for extra strength.


Create shelf support blocks by cutting plywood into a 2" strip and attach to the sides of the shelving unit. Use Loctite Wood Bonder and clamp or tack the support directly underneath where the shelves will be.


The bottom piece needs to attach to the sides with screws and Loctite Wood Bonder, and then slide the shelves inside the unit on top of the support blocks. Paint your shoe rack if desired.


  • Loctite Wood Bonder is a fast curing adhesive that is ideal for all wood applications. It dries in 3 minutes, is 100% waterproof and is paintable for a professional appearance.