Building a pegboard storage wall

Make use of unused garage or basement wall space with a pegboard storage wall to improve organization of tools and gardening supplies.

Step-by-Step Directions


Measure and determine the size of the pegboard desired.


Measure and cut two 2x4s to the same height as the pegboard to serve as a frame on each end.


Measure and mark the distance the 2x4s need to be placed on the wall.


Apply Loctite® Power Grab® Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive to the 2x4s, press into place and screw to the garage wall.


Apply Loctite Power Grab Heavy Duty Adhesive to the front of the 2x4s and place the pegboard on top. Before tacking into place, use a level to make sure it is even. The adhesive will allow 15-20 minutes of repositioning time. The space created by using 2x4s will allow for pegboard hooks to be hung.


If multiple pegboards are required, pegboard should be cut so that half of the 2x4 is still available. An additional 2x4 can be measured and mounted, hanging pegboard as above, utilizing an exposed half of a 2x4 from the previous piece of pegboard as one side of the frame.


  • Loctite Power Grab Heavy Duty’s Instant Grab™ keeps the panel in place and requires no screws or nails. It is also water and weatherproof for all-season performance.