Installing a ceiling medallion

Enhance any style of light fixture or ceiling fan with a polyurethane ceiling-center/medallion, or add a third dimension to a plain, flat ceiling and emphasize it with your own paint treatment. For your adhesive, use Loctite® Power Grab® All Purpose to form an instant bond and act as a bedding surface, filling in gaps caused by unevenness on the ceiling.

Step-by-Step Directions


On the back of the ceiling center/medallion, run a bead of Loctite Power Grab around the perimeter and position in place on the ceiling.


If medallion is large or heavy, use standard or trim head drywall screws positioned around the circumference to complete the installation.


Remove excess adhesive with a wet cloth. Blend the edge seam.


  • The high holding power of Loctite Power Grab All Purpose eliminates or greatly reduces the need for nails and screws, making many do-it-yourself jobs quicker, easier and cleaner. Being a water-based adhesive, it provides an environmentally safer choice for interior applications on a wide variety of construction materials.

  • Loctite Power Grab is GREENGUARD™ Certified so you never have to worry about indoor air quality. This makes Power Grab ideal for use in office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and schools.