Super Glue Liquid

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Super Glue Liquid for creating strong bonds between non-absorbent materials

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Loctite® Super Glue Liquid

Ideal for creating strong bonds between non-absorbent materials

Loctite® Super Glue Liquids are fast acting cyanoacrylate adhesives (super glues) which quickly form strong bonds to virtually all materials.  Loctite Super Glue Liquids are ideal for bonding non-porous smooth, close-fitting surfaces.  The low viscosity of liquid super glue allows it to penetrate crevices before a substrates breaks completely, reinforcing the structure.  The final bond is rigid, unlike Loctite Ultra Gel which has a flexible rubber toughened bond. 

Loctite Super Glues come in a broad range of liquid formulas and applicators to meet the needs of every application. 


Super Glue Liquids: Ideal for bonding non-porous materials with close-fitting surfaces