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Loctite® PL® 510 Wood and Panel

Features and Benefits

Loctite PL Wood Lumber, Paneling & Trim Adhesive is a premium quality adhesive specifically formulated for bonding all types of wood for interior or exterior construction projects.

The formulation is low in odor and cleans up easily with water.

  • Qualifies for LEED® points; Meets stringent State and Federal VOC Regulations
  • Non-flammable and environmentally friendly
  • Provides a strong, durable bond to multiple surfaces; Bonds well to wet, frozen and treated lumber
  • Will bridge minor gaps when bonding irregular surfaces; Helps reduce squeaks and sound transmission
  • Eliminates the use of harsh cleaning Chemicals
  • Great for indoor projects no strong solvent odor
  • Ultra low VOC content
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Bonds to most building materials
  • Gap filling
  • Easy cleanup with water (uncured adhesive)
  • Low odor

Documents and Downloads