Loctite® Super Glue Precision Pen

Features and Benefits

  • PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: Super glue pen is precise, super clean, and delivers long-lasting results 
  • INTUITIVE APPLICATOR: Dispenses glue only where you need it to for no-mess, pinpoint accuracy 
  • EASY TO USE: Designed with convenient, comfortable finger grips, a patented cap design to prevent dry-out, and no clamping required  
  • SEAMLESS REPAIRS: Glue’s gel formula sets in just seconds and dries transparent 
  • VERSATILE USES: Able to fix apparel like glasses, belts, and watches, along with minor repairs to vehicles, tool handles, hoses, and much more  

Available sizes:

Product Overview

When everyday items break around the house, a quick-to-fix super glue is often the perfect solution. However, traditional super glue tubes and can prove to be messy, imprecise, and may even unfortunately break apart when you need repairs to hold together the most. A better, more reliable way: Loctite Precision Pen Super Glue (2066118) for both porous and non-porous surfaces! So your fingers don’t become stuck together unnecessarily, this intuitive pen makes it easy with comfortable rubber squeeze grips for fingers to fit more naturally into while working. It also dispenses glue precisely only where it is needed, a feature accompanied by its patented cap design which prevents dry-out and its premium gel formula for always-durable bonds. To top it off, spreading this glue on your desired surface is as smooth and simple as writing with a normal pen! For clean, transparent, and frustration-free fixes that outperform the competition and remain resistant to moisture, most chemicals, and freezing temperatures, Loctite Precision Pen Super Glue is the way to go.

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Loctite® Super Glue Precision Pen

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