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Loctite® PL® 400 Subfloor Adhesive

Features and Benefits

Loctite PL 400 Subfloor All Weather features superior bonding capabilities for heavy duty subfloor construction.

Loctite PL 400 Subfloor All Weather is specifically formulated for extreme temperatures performance. It guns easily in temperatures as low as 18°F and as high as 120°F. PL 400 Subfloor All Weather bonds to dry, wet, or frozen lumber. The Low VOC formulation meets stringent State and Federal VOC regulations.

  • Great for indoor or outdoor projects
  • Bonds to dry, wet, or frozen lumber
  • Bridges Minor Gaps in Framing
  • Meets stringent Federal and State VOC regulations
  • Eliminates the use of harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Weather resistant
  • Guns Easily from 18°F to 120°F
  • Gap filling
  • Low VOC Content
  • Water Clean-Up of Uncured Adhesive