Tite Foam

General use foams for filling gaps and cracks in and around the house. Seal and insulate around wiring and plumbing penetrations, HVAC ductwork, basement and crawlspace drafts, sill plate & rim Joists, attic hatches, under baseboards, gas line penetrations and outside water faucets. Specialty products available for Window & Door applications or larger gaps.

Loctite Pro Foam

Larger size pro use foams for filling gaps and cracks inside and outside the home. Seal and insulate around windows & doors, wiring, plumbing and HVAC penetrations while easily applying products with any standard foam gun applicator.

Fire Block Foam

This specialty insulating foam is designed to fill gaps while resisting the migration of fire and smoke. Use for electrical, plumbing, HVAC penetrations and wherever a fire-resistant foam is needed. The foam is bright orange for easy jobsite visibility and has been tested and certified.