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Tips on the best epoxy for plastic

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Do you need to repair plastic items? We’ll help direct you to the best epoxy for plastic. Our guide explains the basics about epoxy, application tips, and points you to some of the strongest epoxy for plastic repairs.

What is epoxy glue for plastic?

Epoxy is a two-part adhesive made up of epoxy polymer and hardener. After mixing, it creates an extremely durable bond. Epoxy glue for plastic also fills gaps, and won’t shrink when exposed to different temperatures. Its structural strength can withstand heavy loads as well as drilling.

Epoxies come in different formulas, and are suitable for a variety of surfaces. As with any other product, it’s important to read the manufacturers label before making your selection.

How to apply 2-part epoxy glue for plastic

  1. Cut the end of the plunger to the desired thickness of bead size.
  2. Tilt the syringe upwards and depress the plunger, expelling excess air from the chamber. 
  3. Plunge out the desired amount of resin and hardener onto a disposable surface and mix well for 60 seconds, or time indicated by manufacturer. 
  4. Apply desired amount of epoxy to both surfaces and press together pieces (use clamps). 
  5. Clamp in place for 1-3 hours until epoxy sets (check manufacturer’s instructions for exact cure times).  
  6. Allow full cure time before applying weight to the object. 

Choosing the best epoxy for plastic

Loctite Plastic Bonder is one of the best epoxies for ABS plastic, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, FRP, and most other plastics on the market. It provides high impact resistance, is water resistant, and will not shrink or crack. It’s also formulated with a fast cure time of only 25 minutes.

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