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Reduce, Reuse, Restore:

Old Bathroom Vanity Turned Modern

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Updating a bathroom can be pricey, especially when the bathroom vanity is looking rough from water damage. What if we told you that vanity could look brand-new in just a few easy steps?

Learn how to take an old vanity from drab to fab with wooden dowels, a coat of paint and some adhesive. This DIY will save you lots in the long run!


Out with the old and in with the new! Our friend Amber (@diydesignerduo) was able to transform a water damaged bathroom vanity that she snagged for $50 using just a few simple materials. We were impressed, to say the least! Not only did this save her from buying a whole new vanity for her first house flip, but she was able to create a piece that is truly unique and custom.

Watch Amber’s process in the video below.

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For a written breakdown explaining how Amber restored her vanity, take a look at the steps below!


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The first step is to take off all vanity doors, drawers and hardware before you get started. Amber created a workstation outside and laid all her doors on a towel to prep for primer. Making a workstation will help you work more efficiently and save you from any messes.


Now that your workstation is ready to go, it’s time to prime! Be sure to prime the vanity itself along with any doors that you put to the side. Doing this will ensure that all your pieces are prepped and dry before painting.

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Amber used ½ inch wooden dowels to take her vanity to the next level! She secured the dowels to the visible side of the vanity using Loctite® PL Premium Max Construction Adhesive, arranging them vertically. She chose this glue because she knew it would hold up for years to come.


Once your dowels have fully set, you can now prime them like you did for the rest of the vanity. This will ensure that the paint will go on smoothly and no wood will show through. Be sure to get in between each dowel and any crevices.


Is your primer dry? Then it’s time to paint! Amber chose a deep navy blue for her vanity, but you can choose any color that fits your bathroom color scheme. If needed, feel free to do two coats.

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Time for the best part: installation! After your vanity has fully dried you can now take it inside and install it in your bathroom. Assemble the doors and drawers with existing hardware and update any knobs or drawer pulls as you see fit. Lastly, admire your new vanity!

Products used

  • loctite pl premium max 9oz cartridge
    Loctite PL Premium Max

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