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  • Loctite Super Pro Gel

    Professional applications where no drip & long-lasting bonds are required

  • Loctite Glass Glue

    Bonding clear and colored, stained or tinted glass instantly. Dishwasher safe once cured.

  • Loctite Ultra Gel Mini Bulk FOP2
    Loctite Super Glue Gel Mini Tubes

    Projects and repairs requiring precision alignment of pieces. Formula gives more time to align.

  • loctite spray adhesive professional performance 13.5oz can
    Loctite Spray Adhesive Professional

    High-strength and temperature-resistant permanent bonds for indoor/outdoor use.

  • loctite pl 375 heavyduty 10oz cartridge
    Loctite PL375 Heavy Duty

    Heavy duty bonding of all common building materials. Low VOC formula.

  • loctite spray adhesive high performance 13.5oz can
    Loctite Spray Adhesive High Performance

    Quick drying clear adhesive ideal for a wide range of household and automotive repair projects.

  • loctite spray adhesive general performance 13.5oz can
    Loctite Spray Adhesive General Purpose

    Quick drying clear adhesive for bonding lightweight materials such as fabric, foam, cardboard and corkboard.

  • loctite extreme glue 1.75oz tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue

    Non-Foaming, extremely strong all-purpose glue for any project in around the house.

  • loctite pl 200 projects 10oz cartridge
    Loctite PL200 Projects

    Multi-purpose construction. Low odor, low VOC and water clean-up.

  • loctite pl 100 drywall 28oz cartridge
    Loctite PL100 Drywall

    Reduces the need for fasteners with drywall installation

  • Loctite Shoe Glue 0.6 oz Tube
    Loctite Shoe Glue

    Extra strong, flexible, moisture resistant formula dries clear and holds up where constant flexing occurs.

  • loctite extreme gel 18ml tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue Gel

    Multi-material bonding for projects or repairs requiring higher viscosity, constant impact, tremendous bond strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

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