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DIY Customized TV Frame

Make your own customized TV frame

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Even the most beautifully styled living room can be brought to its knees by a TV. They’re huge, monochromatic and can stick out like a sore thumb. The ideal solution is a frame to liven up the screen, but they can cost hundreds of dollars.

With a little bit of innovation and some help fromLoctite® Extreme Glue, Rebecca (@rebeccadiy) was able to create her own customized frame for under $25!

Decorate Your TV with a Customized DIY Frame

Even the most beautifully styled living room can be brought to its knees by a TV. They’re huge, monochromatic and stick out like a sore thumb. Ideally, a frame can liven up the screen and help it blend in, but TV frames can cost hundreds of dollars.

By using Loctite® Extreme Glue, building your own frame is easy and affordable. The crystal clear, non-foaming formula creates seamless edges that are strong and durable, making it perfect for crafting, building and repairing projects.

After creating an adorable accent wall in her living room, Rebecca (@rebeccadiy) couldn’t just hang any plain TV up. With a little bit of innovation and some help from Loctite®, she was able to create her own customized TV frame for under $25!

What You’ll Need:

  • Enough molding to cover the perimeter of your TV
  • Measuring tape
  • Power saw (or other tool to cut molding)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint (One or two colors)
  • Mirror clips
  • Museum putty
  • Optional: A second type of molding, about half as thin as the first type


1. Measure and cut the molding

The first step is to measure the perimeter of your TV screen at its widest part. You will be cutting four pieces of each type of molding to form the frame: two for the sides and two for the top/bottom. The cuts should be made at a 45-degree angle to create a professional looking frame edge.

Optional: Rebecca was looking for a frame with some dimension, so she chose to layer two moldings on top of each other. She cut the base frame (the wider molding) to the size of the TV perimeter and cut the added detail (the thinner molding) about 1” longer so it would lay centered in the base frame.

2. Paint the molding

Now that you have all pieces of molding cut out, check for any splintering and sand if necessary. You will need a smooth and clean surface to paint on. Once prepared, coat your pieces in your chosen color of paint.

If you want a multi-color design like Rebecca created, paint the main frame pieces white and the detail molding with gold. Otherwise, paint all pieces the same shade. Use two coats if necessary. Wait for the paint to be completely dry before continuing to the next step.

3. Assemble with Loctite® Extreme Glue

This is when the magic happens! With the power of Loctite® Extreme Glue, you will be able to assemble the frame without the need for nails or screws.

First, lay out the shape of the frame with the edges lined up. Place some Loctite® Extreme Glue on the area where you made the 45-degree cut and firmly push together with the other piece to form a flush edge.

To help keep the corner perfectly aligned, place the freshly glued frame corner on a piece of painter’s tape to ensure neither piece moves while you glue the others. Glue the remaining three corners together and place on painter’s tape while the glue dries.

If you are adding a second layer of molding, use Loctite® Extreme Glue to adhere the bottom of the molding to the base frame before connecting the corners on your second layer.

4. Attach mirror clips

You are almost there! To allow the frame to rest on your TV, you will need to attach mirror clips to the back of the frame top. The mirror clips you choose should have a lip that is as wide as the top of your TV. Make sure to use Loctite® Extreme Glue for a super strong hold when attaching mirror clips!

5. Hang and secure

Hang your brand-new frame on the top of your TV. For an extra secure hold, Rebecca recommends also using a bit of mounting putty on the back of the frame to prevent it from waving.

Ta da! A complete transformation from a basic TV to a gorgeous framed masterpiece.

Products used

  • loctite extreme glue 1.75oz tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue

    Non-Foaming, extremely strong all-purpose glue for any project in around the house.

  • Loctite Funtak FOP carded 2oz
    Loctite Funtak Mounting Putty

    Mounting signs and posters. A safe, easy, removable and repositionable alternative to nails.

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