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DIY Wood Bead Standing Mirror

Give your Mirror a Fresh New Look

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Want to give your mirror a refresh? In just 10 minutes, you can transform a plain and simple mirror into a beautiful statement piece.

But be warned! The incredible results that come from the fast and easy application process may just inspire you to throw yourself into even more DIYs.

DIY Statement Wood Bead Mirror Transformation

Want to give your mirror a refresh? In just 10 minutes, you can transform a plain and simple mirror into a beautiful statement piece.

With Loctite® Extreme Glue Gel, this DIY is fast and easy with gorgeous results. The non-foaming formula makes the wooden beads a breeze to apply (say yes to no mess!). The ease of application will inspire you to throw yourself into even more DIY projects.

After little Isla had her tonsils removed, supermom Leanna (@lifebyleanna) wanted to do something special to put a smile on her face. She decided to take her current standing mirror and give it a brand-new look to brighten up her room!

What You’ll Need:

  • Mirror with existing wood border or trim
  • Half wooden (or split wooden) beads, enough to border your mirror
  • Spray paint in your favorite color
  • Newspaper and painter’s tape (to prevent getting paint on the mirror)


1. Prepare your mirror

First, clean the border of your mirror so you don’t catch any loose dust in your glue or paint. You may also want to sand the back side of beads for better adhesion.

2. Attach the beads with Loctite adhesive

Next, adhere the half wooden beads to the perimeter of your mirror. Just apply Loctite® Extreme Glue Gel to the flat, backside of the bead and place it on the mirror’s border. (Make sure you have enough beads to go all the way around.)

Isla’s long, oval standing mirror made a great canvas, but any shape or size of mirror with a border will be perfect. Allow the glue to dry (it will be quick!) before moving onto the next step.

3. Finish up with a fresh coat of paint

With the beads efficiently and firmly secured, it's time to add the finishing touch – paint! But before you start spraying, make sure you completely cover the actual mirror area with the newspaper and painter’s tape so that you are only adding color to the frame.

Leanna chose a beautiful light blue to add a pop to Isla’s pink bedroom. If you are feeling ambitious, go ahead and mix up the dots with different colors to make a multi-chromatic masterpiece!

4. Admire your work!

Yes, it really was that quick and simple! In just a few steps, you were able to completely transform a mirror that is sure to make a statement in any room you add it to.

Isla absolutely loved how her refreshed standing mirror turned out. Another win from supermom Leanna!

Products used

  • loctite extreme gel 18ml tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue Gel

    Multi-material bonding for projects or repairs requiring higher viscosity, constant impact, tremendous bond strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

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