Super glue with a brush: The answer for detailed work

If you prefer an easy brush-on adhesive over messy drip-on applicators, a super glue with a brush is your answer. You’ll have better control and it sets fast while holding strong.

What is Loctite super glue with a brush applicator?

Loctite super glue with a brush applicator is a liquid instant glue that holds surfaces together with superior strength. It works well on both porous and nonporous surfaces almost instantly and is suitable for many materials. It doesn't require clamping and it dries clear. It can be used in high temperatures (with a temperature-resistance up to 100 degrees Celsius) and is moisture-resistant. It’s a super glue that brushes on and comes in a spill-resistant bottle with a brush applicator that makes spreading easy and precise.

Super glue with a brush applicator helps complete precise repairs on a variety of materials

How to use a super glue with a brush

First of all, let's get together everything you’ll need:

  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • A well-ventilated area 
  • Clean rags 
  • Soap and water to wash up afterwards
  • Loctite Super Glue Brush On

Follow these simple steps:

Prepare surfaces: Check that all surfaces to be glued to one another are clean and actually fit together properly and with no gaps. Surfaces must be free of all dirt, wax, oil, paint, etc. Sand smooth surfaces if needed.

Apply product: Remove the cap of the glue container. Use the brush that is attached to the cap and apply a thin coat of glue to one of the surfaces. Only a small amount of glue is needed. Press the parts together and hold for up to 30 seconds or until it feels like the bond is set. Do not attempt to reposition the parts as this will weaken the bond.

Clean-up: Put the cap back on and clean up any mess with soap and water. If any glue is showing on the repair after attempting to wipe it off, let it cure and then scrape off the remainder with a safety razor. Acetone may also be used to dissolve leftover spill residue if needed. Check on a hidden area first to avoid any damage to the surface. Store the brush-on super glue in a cool dry place and in a vertical position for future use.

Applying super glue with a brush is simple, and ensures adhesive goes exactly where you want it

What materials will Loctite super glue with a brush bond to?

Loctite Super Glue Brush On is a super-strong, versatile adhesive that will work very well on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces. Use it where a strong, rigid bond is desired. It bonds to leather, cork, paper, cardboard, wood, chipboard, fabric, metal, ceramic, rubber, and hard plastics like PVC. You can use it on almost any interior repair with the included brush that makes less glue do more!