Downtime for drills and hammers

No-hole in the wall gang: How to hang pictures without nails 

Learn how to hang pictures without nails and make your life a whole lot easier. Everyone enjoys beautiful pictures on the wall. But taking them down or moving them leaves you with unsightly holes in the wall. These tips will eliminate the problem for good!

Can you really hang pictures without damaging walls?

Adding personal touches to your home is what makes it cozy, special, and welcoming. Most homeowners opt for wall art. It can come in the form of actual artwork you purchased, or precious family memories, framed and proudly displayed.

Sure, wall art looks great when you hang it. But should you ever decide to move it, you’ll inevitably be left with unsightly holes in the walls. Rather than ruin your walls each and every time, why not choose a more elegant method to display art; one that keeps your walls looking like new?

This is also convenient for the homeowner who doesn’t have the right toolkit, including the proper nails, hammer, and wire, all of which are necessary to hang pictures in the traditional way.

How to hang pictures on drywall without holes

So how can you bypass hammer and nails? With a little investigating into how to stick pictures on walls without nails, you’ll find products for this exact purpose. One, for example, is a peel and stick wall mount specifically designed for hanging framed photos on drywall. This will eliminate the need for hammer and nails, keeping your walls looking great even if you decide to move your frame. These products are single use and are easy to remove, generally in two quick actions. First you remove the plastic cover then all you do is pull the exposed tab down and the mount will come loose. You’re done!

Before attaching the wall art, ensure your picture frame is free from any cracks or breaks. For any picture frame that needs repair, reach for Loctite Stik’N Seal Indoor Adhesive. This is a premium all-purpose adhesive that dries clear and without the nasty fumes of some other glues, making it safe for indoor use.


Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling — yes, it’s possible too

While wood and drywall are typical interior wall materials, some homes feature exposed brick walls as well. When homeowners want to hang pictures on the latter, their first reaction is typically to drill holes right into the brick. The problem with this approach is that it is permanent and can’t be undone without replacing the entire brick. You’ll also need a specific drill bit to tackle the job.

But this isn’t the only option. Hanging pictures on brick walls without drilling is easy, even if you’re dealing with an oversized photo or irregular-shaped decor. Any brick or masonry work tends to be quite unique, so the last thing you want to do is permanently damage it with holes.

Now, if you’re trying to hang a photo or artwork on a brick or concrete wall, and you’re looking for something that provides ultimate strength, then Loctite Stik’N Seal Extreme Conditions is your solution. This glue is resistant to moisture, UV, ozone, vibration, extreme temperatures, cracking, and peeling. It has a high initial grab, which means it dries very fast and will hold its position. This product will fix your picture on the wall, whether it’s an interior or exterior surface!