Fun tak for fun projects

Fun tak: The name is the game

Reach for fun tak if you’re tired of having holes in your walls or seeing chipped, peeled paint when you take down wall décor. You can use this great alternative to staples, nails, tacks, and tape to hang lightweight items on smooth or hard surfaces.

What is fun tak?

Fun tak is a mounting putty that you can use to hang decorative items. Premium adhesives like Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty let you reposition your items. Loctite fun-tak mounting tabs are not affected by moisture, meaning they will not dry out. You can use them on many surfaces, as long as they are indoors.

Most premium products are non-toxic and repositionable and they reduce or eliminate the need for wall repair. Double-check your product’s information and technical details to be sure it fulfills all the criteria you need.

Fun uses for fun tak

Fun tak is excellent for temporarily mounting and hanging items you may want to move later on. Fun tak mounting putty is a great choice for bonding light items to smooth surfaces like blackboards, wood, plaster, brick, glass, tile, metal, porcelain, linoleum, and concrete. However, you should choose different adhesive if you are working on freshly painted surfaces or flocked or paper wall coverings.

That means you can use fun tak adhesive putty for projects like attaching party decorations to the walls, hanging greeting cards on your door, or securing shelf paper and drawer linings in place. However, you will need to use a different product if you want to hang expensive artwork and posters or heavier objects like mirrors and framed pictures. The packaging or the manufacturer’s information should give you information about the maximum weight your fun tak product can hold.

Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty is safe for children, so it’s a great choice if you want to help them hang up their artwork or involve them in your next holiday decorating spree.

How to use fun tak

One of the best things about fun tak is that it’s very easy to use. Follow these simple directions to pep up your walls.

Prepare your surfaces. They need to be clean and dry.
Test your fun tak. Nothing is perfect: fun tak can leave oily stains on some paper and painted surfaces. If you are worried about this possibility, test the fun tak on an inconspicuous spot before applying it to your whole project. Observe its impact on the surfaces over the next 24 hours.
Apply the fun tak. Tear off the amount of fun tak you think you need for the job, and knead it into a soft little ball. Place a small amount of fun tak between the surfaces you want to bond, and press them together.
Removal and repositioning. To remove and/or reposition the item, gently peel it away from the surface, and repeat the application process, if desired.
Clean-up. After you have removed or repositioned items, roll some fun tak over the surface where your items used to be so it can pick up any remaining mounting putty. Dry cleaning fluid may help get rid of oily stains. You can dispose of unwanted fun tak mounting adhesive in your household trash.