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Undo the glue

How to remove glue from wood floors: Get rid of stains

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Working on DIY flooring projects gives you a real sense of satisfaction—until you are cleaning up. If you find globs of super glue stuck to your new hardwood floors, don’t despair over the mess: it’s actually pretty easy to clean up.

Learn how to remove glue from wood floors

Even powerful glues can be easily removed from floors using items you already have at home. The first step in how to remove glue from hardwood floors is by using ice. Icing the glue spot will make it hard and brittle enough that you can simply break it away without damaging your floors.

A hand with a cloth swipes away a stain of glue from the floor.
With the help of a lubricant and a cloth, you can make your wooden floor look like new again

How to remove glue from wood floors: Ramp up your efforts

Sometimes using ice isn’t enough to get the glue unstuck. In that case, you’ll need other methods to remove glue from your wood floors, like using a lubricant. Allow the lubricant to sit for approximately 20 minutes; then pry away the glue with a cotton swab.

The trick here is not to use any sharp edges, as these can easily scratch the floor. The same goes for solvents. Although they may work great on metal and other surfaces, they can seriously damage the finish on many hardwood floors.

How to get glue off wood floors: The aftermath

Once you complete the glue removal, there may still be some leftover residue. To remove the residue, use common household items. Find something in your home that has acidity or natural oils in it: vinegar, peanut butter, or mayonnaise work well, for instance. Rub it into the remaining glue and wipe away with a damp cloth.

A tube with a transparent spot in front of it on a wooden floor
Whether super glue or wood glue, you can remove both quickly and easily from the wooden floor

How to get super glue off wooden floors? Start with the right glue!

Before kicking off your next DIY project, make sure you’ve got the right adhesive at hand. Choose a premium super glue that is easy to apply so you can prevent messes in the first place. Loctite’s Super Glue Ultra Liquid Control fits that bill nicely! With its unique side squeeze design, it is applied with pinpoint accuracy, reducing the amount of glue needed and that means fewer spills!

Are you working on a larger project requiring more glue and longer set times? Loctite has you covered with Loctite Extreme Glue and Loctite Extreme Glue Gel. These formulas are easy to use, crystal clear and pick up where super glues leave off. Extreme Glue is great for most horizontal repairs while Extreme Gel with its non-drip glue is ideal for vertical applications.

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Products used

  • loctite extreme glue 1.75oz tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue

    Non-Foaming, extremely strong all-purpose glue for any project in around the house.

  • loctite extreme gel 18ml tube
    Loctite Extreme Glue Gel

    Multi-material bonding for projects or repairs requiring higher viscosity, constant impact, tremendous bond strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

  • loctite super glue ultra liquid control 4g tube
    Loctite Super Glue Ultra Liquid Control

    Fast bonding of common materials. Pin-point control squeeze-grip applicator. Dishwasher safe!

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