Build Your Own Indoor Planter Box

DIY Indoor Planter

Indoor greenery can light up a home. With just a few materials, you can build a rustic, farmhouse-style planter box to brighten your space.   Loctite® Power Grab® Ultimate is so powerful, you’ll be able to assemble this project without the need for nails or screws!

DIY Cedar Wood Planter Box

Bring some greenery inside your house to brighten up any space! With just a few materials, you can build a rustic, farmhouse-style planter box.

Our friend JP (@therehablife) shows just how easy it is to assemble a simple planter box with Loctite® Power Grab® Ultimate and no need for nails or screws. The strength of the adhesive will keep your planter firmly secured in any environment – indoor or out.

JP chose to keep his box plain to expose the beauty of the cedar wood. But you can always use paint or other materials to DIY this planter in a way that fits your personal style!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1”x6” Cedar picket
  • Power saw (or other tool to cut wood)
  • Sandpaper
  • Plant of your choice
  • Garden soil


1. Cut the picket into six pieces

With just one cedar picket, you will be able to create a rustic planter box that will brighten up any room. To start, simply cut the picket into 6 equal pieces. It’s important that each board is the exact same length, so make sure to double check your measurements prior to cutting.

2. Sand edges smooth

The edges may be a bit rough after cutting the board into pieces, so take a moment to sand them down and get rid of any splintering pieces. The final product will look extra finished with nicely smoothed edges.

3. Assemble using Loctite®

It is time to assemble! Take your first four pieces and connect the shorter edges using Loctite® Power Grab® Ultimate to form a square. This square will become the sides of your planter box. JP chose to go with the crystal-clear adhesive so there was absolutely no cleanup after assembly.

Next, take the last two pieces and adhere them together along the long edge to form a large, flat bottom for your planter. Take your square edges and apply Loctite® adhesive on the bottom. Place it on top of the two flat pieces and press down firmly.

Make sure that all edges are flush with each other and adjust as necessary. Loctite can be repositioned for up to 10 minutes and will be completely cured after 24 hours. You don’t even need nails or screws to keep the planter together!

4. Decorate as needed

If you choose to decorate your planter, now is the time! Grab your primers, sanders and paints and get to work. Let your work dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Optional: If you are using the box for a plant that requires adequate drainage, take a moment to drill a few holes in the bottom.

5. Fill with soil and plant!

Now that the planter box has been sturdily assembled and the adhesive has cured, it's time to plant! JP chose to go with a beautiful dracaena, but this box is also perfect for a philodendron or a few succulents!

Place your plant on or near a windowsill to ensure it receives plenty of sunlight and water as needed. Congratulations on becoming a new plant (and planter) parent!