Reduce, Reuse, Restore:

Makeover an Old Dresser

The look and feel of furniture can completely change the vibe of your room. You don’t have to splurge on brand new, expensive items to get the customized design you want. It’s easier than you think to restore and modernize existing pieces.   Save money and keep your projects sustainable with this simple DIY dresser restoration using some fresh paint, resin décor and a powerful adhesive to secure it all together.

How to Give Your Old Furniture a Brand New Look

Sarah Merrell (@sarahflipsit) gave an old dresser a second chance as a modern, whimsical piece customized to match a friend’s bedroom. 

Watch her process in the video below.  

See how Sarah took this dresser from drab to fab, in this step-by-step breakdown.



1. Clean and prep dresser

First, grab your screwdriver set and remove existing hardware. You can reinstall the same hardware at the end of the project, or, if it doesn’t quite match your style, take it to a metal recycling facility and invest in some shiny new hardware to replace it. Once hardware is removed, take out each drawer and clean the dresser inside and out to get rid of any dust and cobwebs it may be hiding.

2. Sand dresser

Using 120-grit sandpaper, sand down the entire surface of the dresser to give your primer a textured surface to adhere to. 

3. Create resin decals 

Now let’s get a little crafty! Using crafting resin and pre-shaped molds, create your decorative resin shapes. Sarah opted for two whimsical molds with dainty flowers and leaves, but you can choose whatever shapes you prefer. Follow the directions on the box to pour the resin, then let it dry before popping out of the molds and sanding down any rough edges.

4. Adhere resin decals

Now comes the fun part. Decide where each resin piece should go on your dresser. Then, using Loctite® Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear Construction Adhesive, adhere the decals. You won’t need any bracing, clamps, or nails to reinforce. The adhesive has an instant grab time, but you still have ten minutes to move the pieces around to your liking before it begins to set 

You want to use a strong, trusted adhesive for this step as your dresser will likely get a lot of use. Loctite® Power Grab holds up, keeping your decorative pieces attached even with drawers constantly opening and closing.

5. Add paint

After the decorative pieces have set, add a coat of primer to the surface of your dresser. Once the primer has dried, add two coats of cabinet-grade furniture paint in your favorite color. Sarah chose white to match the clean, bright feeling of her friend’s bedroom.

6. Add new hardware

Finally, re-attach existing hardware or install your new hardware. Sarah replaced the dresser’s old brass hardware with some shiny gold pieces. Once hardware is attached and drawers are back in their proper spaces, this project is finished.

See? The sustainable option can also be the simplest option! In the words of our friend Sarah, “Next time you have old furniture lying around, consider restoring it. It’s easier than you think and the feeling of recycling is priceless.”

If you’re looking to restore something in your home, Loctite® Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear Construction Adhesive is the easiest way to DIY your next project.