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Reduce, Reuse, Restore:

Refurbish a Weathered Dresser

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Do you have a dresser that has seen better days? Your firstidea may be to throw it out, but what if it could be transformed into an upscale item in just a few easy steps? 

That’s what Jessica did! Time to take it from the curb and to the work shed. Learn how to upcycle a dresser in a few easy steps using some creativity, scrap materials and a powerful adhesive.  


This project has us inspired! Our friend Jessica (@whatjessflipped) was able to take a dresser that had seen better days and turn it into an upscale item. And the project was so simple, it may leave you shocked.

Watch Jessica’s process in the video below.

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For a written breakdown explaining how they tackled this project, check out these steps.




As much as we want to skip to the good part, making repairs and filling holes in a furniture piece is a crucial part of the upcycle process. Jessica’s dresser had a ton of damage, so to get it ready, she stripped paint, sanded, filled holes, and made small repairs before jumping in.

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The wood trim is truly the star of the show in this project! Jessica cut the pieces to size using a saw and secured them to the front of her dresser drawers using Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear Construction Adhesive.

She spaced these trim pieces using a small piece of wood in between each cut.


Since the dresser was in rough shape, Jessica used Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear Construction Adhesive to attach new side panels. She also made small repairs with this product.


 Next up, painting, priming, and sealing! You want to ensure that your dresser stays in good shape for years to come, so taking your time in the painting process is guaranteed to pay off.


Now that your dresser is dry, time for the finishing touches. Choose hardware that will stand out against your piece for an elevated and sleek look. Jessica opted for gold handle pulls that meshed well with the black paint.

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And there you go! A dresser that was once forgotten turned into an item you would see in a catalog. We hope you try these steps for your next project!

Products used

  • loctite power grab ultimate crystal clear 3oz tube
    Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear

    Works in all conditions and dries crystal clear

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