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Installing a tile backsplash

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Add some color and style to your space by designing a tile backsplash, installed with Loctite® Power Grab® All Purpose.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Remove all objects that will be in the way when you're installing the backsplash.

  2. Clean the wall where the backsplash will be installed, removing any dirt or loose particles. Some scraping or sanding may be needed to make the surface as flat as possible.

  3. Mark vertical lines using a level to determine the layout of the backsplash tiles. Start with a focal point and use the level to make a plumb line at that spot. Follow the countertop for the horizontal layout.

  4. Apply Loctite Power Grab All Purpose Construction Adhesive to the back of a tile, drawing a light "x" through the middle. Place a single tile at the center plumb line and adhere it to the wall.

  5. Lay tiles in a row working away from the centerline. Use grout spacers to space the tiles apart. Check the tiles to make sure they are level as you go along. Wipe off any adhesive that may squeeze out.

  6. Allow the adhesive to completely dry. Follow manufacturer instructions to apply grout.

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