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Loctite Clear Silicone



Loctite Clear Silicone, Clear, 80ml

Packaging Size Make your selection 80ml

Color Make your selection Clear

Features and Benefits

Loctite Clear Silicone is a multipurpose adhesive and sealant which creates apermanent waterproof, protective seal that is ideal for metal, glass, rubber, tile andporcelain. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Loctite Clear Silicone WaterproofSealant can repair everything from electrical connections to seams on boots to stopleaks in wet weather as well as saltwater or freshwater aquariums. This all-seasonsealant creates durable, flexible bonds that resist extreme temperatures and impact andwon’t crack, peel, or shrink. Excellent for use on imperfect surfaces and filling gaps andbonds ABS, glass, ceramic, porcelain, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, cultured marble,fiberglass, granite, vinyl tile, some rubbers and plastics. Loctite Clear SiliconeWaterproof Sealant is Aquarium Safe and can be used for sealing or repairing sinks,tubs, aquariums, plumbing fixtures, door frames, windows, vents, toys, appliances,gaskets, weather-stripping, outside of fireplace doors, and shoes and boots as well. Notrecommended for use on the following plastics: polyethylene, polypropylene,polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate orPVC. Not recommended for use on marble, limestone, cement, concrete, brass, copper,magnesium, iron, zinc or galvanized metals.

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