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Loctite PL Marine Fast Cure



Loctite PL Marine Fast Cure, White, 3 oz

Packaging Size Make your selection 3 oz

Features and Benefits

Specifically designed for marine areas and conditions, Loctite PL Marine Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant is a fast setting, moisture cure polyether adhesive sealant that delivers strong bonds above or below the waterline once cured. This tough, paintable sealant dries white withstands both salt water and fresh water and does not shrink or bubble on damp surfaces. Loctite PL Marine Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant sets in just 30 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours for a watertight, flexible seal that’s ideal for through-hull fastening and deck fittings deck to hull joints, port lights, moldings, struts and planking and stem joints. Free of solvents, phthalates and isocyanates, Loctite PL Marine Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant stays permanently flexible and adheres to teak and other woods, fiberglass, vinyl, glass, FRP, metal, gelcoat, polycarbonate, and most plastics (test all plastic substrates for bond strength and compatibility before use).

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