Attaching a towel bar

Fixtures have several different mounting methods. Many have mechanical mounts that require screwing into the wall. If the fixture is a non-mechanical mount and requires an adhesive, follow the steps below:

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Position the towel bar on the wall at the height you wish to mount it.

  2. Check for level. Make a pencil mark above each end of the towel bar to confirm its position.

  3. Apply a small bead of Loctite® Power Grab® All Purpose Construction Adhesive to the back side of each end piece. Position the ends in place below the pencil marks and press firmly into place. For added assurance, place masking tape over each piece adhering it to the wall or tiles.

  4. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours. Remove the tape, and hang towels.


Loctite® Power Grab® is GREENGUARD™ Certified so you never have to worry about indoor air quality. This makes Loctite Power Grab ideal for use in office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and schools.


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