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Loctite® Repair Putty All-Purpose

Features and Benefits

Loctite® Repair Putty All-Purpose

Loctite Repair Putty All-Purpose is a hand-mixable and fast-setting two-part adhesive consisting of an epoxy resin putty and a hardener putty perfect for small or emergency repairs.

The two parts react to produce a hard, tough, permanent and waterproof bond on a wide range of materials. The modeling clay consistency allows it to be shaped and formed as desired before curing begins. Loctite Repair Putty All-Purpose does not shrink and is resistant to most common solvents. It can bond to damp surfaces, cure under water and can be sanded, drilled and painted after 60 minutes. Loctite Repair Rutty All-Purpose will rebuild and bind to create a waterproof seal that is potable water safe as certified by NSF®.

  • Easy to Use
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Blends with surroundings
  • Quick completion of project
  • Knead, Apply, Ready
  • Waterproof
  • Paintable & Sandable
  • Quick Drying Time
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