Loctite Fire Block Foam - 12oz Can

Features and Benefits

  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED: This foam is uniquely designed for fire blocking applications.
  • EASILY IDENTIFIABLE: Formulated as a bright orange, this foam will be easy to find on any jobsite.
  • FIRE MIGRATION RESISTANT: This foam is designed to fill gaps and resist migration of fire and hot gasses in Type V residential construction.
  • STRAW APPLICATOR: For application simply use the attached straw applicator for a quick solution.
  • LOW SMOKE DEVELOPMENT: This foam has been tested to display low smoke development.

Available sizes:

Product Overview

Loctite Fire Block Foam is a specially designed insulating foam to fill gaps and resist the migration of fire and hot gasses in Type V residential (wood frame) construction. This foam is orange in color and is easily identifiable on the jobsite. Best for use where any fire rated foam is needed such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC penetrations. UL Certified and ASTM tested.

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Loctite Fire Block Foam