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Heart-felt DIY

Gluing felt to wood has never felt easier

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Need to make a felt board for a classroom or office? We’ll explain the basics for gluing felt to wood in our fun guide. We’ve got the ultimate supply checklist and step-by-step instructions to get you started.

DIY felt board: The right materials for gluing felt to wood

Felt boards are a great learning tool for any classroom or home. A felt board can be used to inspire, tell stories, play games and highlight important things in a learning environment. 

There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a premade board, making your own is simple and fun! Here are the materials you need to get started.

A wooden panel is laid on felt and a hand pulls the felt over the backside.
Glue the felt to the back of the panel and let it dry


How to glue felt to wood: Finishing your DIY felt board

It only takes a few minutes to make this versatile craft, so grab your supplies and let’s get started. Here’s how to attach felt to wood.

A hand presses felt letters on a felt board.
Since felt sticks to felt, you can simply press the cut-out letters onto the board
  1. Work in a well-ventilated area. 
  2. Shake the spray can 10-12 times before applying glue and hold the can 8-10 inches away from the wood surface while spraying. 
  3. Holding the can vertically, apply a light even coat on the entire surface of the particle board. Multiple coats will increase the bond strength if needed.
  4. Place the felt onto the wood, smooth the surface with your hand.
  5. Flip the board over to expose the back.
  6. Spray adhesive along the border of the wood, pressing the excess felt down along the perimeter of the wooden board.  
  7. Leave the board to dry while you create the accent elements. Wait until the adhesive has dried before using the felt board (roughly 10 minutes).  
  8. Clean-up the adhesive can by flipping it right side up and spraying for 2 seconds or until the spray is free of adhesive. Clean the nozzle with turpentine or mineral spirits.

Products used

  • loctite spray adhesive multi purpose 11oz can
    Loctite Spray Adhesive Multi-Purpose

    Crafting projects, no bleed through on photos.

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