Crowd-pleasing carnival crafts

DIY mermaid masks: Carnival crafts that will turn heads! 

Celebrate the spirit of Carnival or Mardi Gras by making your own carnival crafts! We’ll explain what you need and how to make a beautiful mermaid masquerade mask.

Tools for DIY carnival crafts

It’s the season of celebration! And what better way to ring in, say, Mardi Gras than to make your own costume? Personalized masks are easy carnival crafts that are sure to turn heads. Here are the basic tools you need, no matter what themed costume you’re making. 

  • 1 white craft mask 
  • super glue: Loctite Super Glue Extra Time Control  
  • scissors 
  • pencil
  • jewels 
  • Mardi Gras beads
  • ribbon
  • glitter 
  • tweezers 
  • For a mermaid mask: collect ocean themed decorative items to glue to your mask or costume like beach sand, shells, netting and faux sea fans or coral.

In addition to your costume and mask, pull off the full look by adding body glitter or gems to exposed arms, legs and around the face where the mask lays. For the complete mermaid look, fix shells and coral looking craft accents into your hair. 

DIY carnival crafts: How to make a mermaid masquerade mask

If you’re heading to a masked ball, try this simple carnival arts and crafts project. Here’s how to make a jewel-studded mermaid masquerade mask.

  1. Clear the workspace. Collect the supplies you need. 
  2. Lay out the mask and accents. Decide how you want to decorate it. Choose your rhinestone colors and trim and pre-fit them in place. 
  3. Glue on the rhinestones, shells, and other ocean themed accents. We recommend using Loctite Super Glue Extra Time Control as it allows time to reposition before curing. Use tweezers for more precise placement of the decorative accents.  
  4. Wait for the glue to dry. Check the product instructions for dry time.
  5. Decorate the rest of your costume and get ready for the ball! 

Crafting Tip! If you want to cover the entire mask with glitter before attaching additional accent pieces, use Loctite Spray Adhesive Multi-Purpose. Simply spray an even layer of adhesive over the mask, and sprinkle glitter on the entire surface. After the adhesive dries, shake off excess glitter to reveal your sparkly masterpiece!