Epoxy for wood: Where chemistry meets carpentry

Work like a pro with epoxy! Learn why epoxy is the glue of choice when it comes to wood. Get the inside on expert tips, tricks, and product advice. We’ll have your wood fixed up so well, people won’t even know it was broken…

Why epoxy adhesive for wood?

Two-part epoxy glue is known for high performance strength and durability. When applied to wood, it acts as a sealant, or filler that hardens to create a lasting bond. Its waterproof seal makes it easy to clean and ideal for wooden tables or furniture. After the full cure time it can be sanded or drilled. No other glue works is so well suited to wood, making it the perfect adhesive for woodworking projects.

Epoxy adhesives typically dry clear or with a yellow tint. You can easily add a liquid or powdered colorant to match the color of your wood surface.

Application tips for epoxy on wood

Because epoxy glue is a two-part adhesive, there are a few steps to keep in mind when applying. Here’s what you do:

  1. clean and dry the surfaces you’re gluing
  2. cut the syringe to the desired thickness of bead stream
  3. tilt the syringe upwards and push out excess air from the chambers
  4. dispense desired amount of resin and hardener to a disposable surface, like a cup
  5. mix vigorously to ensure a good mix (about 1 minute) 
  6. apply the epoxy in a thin layer to both areas you’re gluing and join the pieces
  7. wipe away excess epoxy quickly with a clean cloth. Cured epoxy can be carefully scraped away with a knife  

Loctite epoxies come in pre-filled dual syringes that deliver equal parts resin and hardener in one plunge. No need to figure out the correct mixing ratio!

The best epoxy for woodworking

Loctite offers several epoxy adhesives for wood. If you’re looking for a quick fix, go for the Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute. It comes with a static nozzle that enables the hardener and resin to mix automatically, cutting out the need for a mixing cup. Quick 1-minute set time makes it the fastest epoxy in the Loctite assortment. Not so fast? No problem, Loctite is also offering a 5-minute alternative.

If you’re gluing wood on a vertical surface, like chipped crown molding, reach for Loctite Epoxy Gel. This epoxy for wood is known for its gel-like consistency that won’t run down the wall when setting. Its viscous texture also makes it the ideal filler for gap bonding.