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How to change a light fixture: Turning a room into a highlight

If you want to change your light fixture, why not combine it with a ceiling medallion? Installing and sealing a ceiling medallion is an easy and inexpensive way of giving your rooms a sophisticated look. You want to know how to change a light fixture? We’ll tell you!

How to install a ceiling medallion

Generally, the larger your room and the larger the light fixture you want to install, the bigger your ceiling medallion will be. Ceiling medallions come in many sizes and materials, from plaster to lightweight urethane foam and plastic.

Prepare the medallion. If you want to paint your medallion, it is much easier to do so before you hang it on the ceiling. First, apply an even, light coat of flat spray paint. Apply a second coat after an hour to thicken the application. Once the spray paint is dry, carefully paint each of the medallion’s features using paint suitable for its material and a small brush or a sponge, depending on the level of detail required. Make sure to always follow the paint manufacturer’s instruction on how to apply the paint.

Using different colors is a great way to make your new medallion really stand out. Make sure to let each color dry before applying the next so the colors do not mix or smear.

Remove the existing light fixture, including mounting brackets. IMPORTANT: turn off the power to the light fixture (breaker box and switch) before you begin! Working with electricity can be dangerous! If in doubt whether you possess the necessary skill and experience, always contact a professional!

Apply adhesive to the back of your medallion. Although some adhesives reduce the need for screws, drill some pilot holes in your medallion before applying adhesive. Prepare screw anchors as necessary so you can securely attach the medallion to your ceiling. Make sure your adhesive is suitable for the material of both the medallion and the ceiling.

Attach the medallion. Press it firmly in place and secure using screws. Make sure all the wires and connecting pieces for your light fixture are easily accessible (IMPORTANT: Double check power to the light fixture is shut off!).

Apply caulk around the edges of the ceiling medallion to seal it.

Cover your screws. Fill in any screw holes with spackle and paint over them, if necessary.

Installing light fixtures

Now that the medallion is in place, it’s time to hang your light fixture.

Decide on height. Decide how high you want the fixture to hang and adjust your fixture’s chain, if it has one, accordingly.

Hang the fixture. Attach the mounting bracket to the medallion, connect the wires, and secure the canopy as you normally would. Remember that safety comes first: if your fixture is bulky, have a friend hold it while you take care of the bracket, wires, and canopy.

How to change a light fixture with the right products

You will need two products for best results: an adhesive to fix your medallion to the ceiling and a sealant to give your project a neat finish. Loctite Power Grab Express All Purpose a good choice not only because it reduces the need for nails and screws, but also because it bonds to a variety of surfaces like drywall and molding. After your medallion is in place, reach for a product like Loctite PL Heavy Duty Sealant, a versatile premium sealant you can paint 30 minutes after application.