Dream on

Sweet dreams are made of this: How to make a dreamcatcher

Once you know how to make dreamcatchers, you can create unique decorations for your home and great gifts for your friends.

Dreamcatchers then and now

Traditionally, members of some Native American and First Nations cultures hang dreamcatchers over cradles for protection. The world of decoration in many other cultures has also embraced these beautiful objects.

Dreamcatcher DIY materials

Nowadays you can incorporate many materials into do-it-yourself dreamcatchers, more common ones include string or yarn, beads, fabric or tassels, ribbon leather, feathers, adhesive, and a round hoop.

When selecting an adhesive, make sure it will bond to the materials selected. Loctite’s super glues, like Loctite Super Glue Brush-On, bond many dreamcatcher materials, such as leather, and this product’s built-in brush helps you evenly apply the glue to textured surfaces. Super glues are not recommended in large amounts for fabric or yarn. But just to hold a piece of yarn in place, you can use a small drop of super glue as well. Loctite Extreme Glue is another all-rounder you can use to affix many dreamcatcher arts and crafts materials.

Are you going to hang your do-it-yourself dreamcatcher outside? Make sure your adhesive and all other materials can withstand the elements.

Dreamcatcher craft instructions

  • Gather materials. You need a hoop, string/yarn/leather thread, beads, feathers, glue, scissors, and any other decorative elements you want to add.
  • Cover the hoop. Tie one long piece of string/yarn/leather thread to the hoop at any point, and glue it in place for extra hold. Wrap it all the way around the hoop and secure it with a knot. You can add a bead of glue here as well.
  • Make the web. Tie a piece of string/yarn to the hoop and secure it with adhesive. Make loops by wrapping string around the hoop and securing it to the hoop at intervals as shown below, and then add additional layers of web by intertwining the loops. You can also simply crisscross your string/yarn as you like. Add beads or weave in ribbons or fabric as you go.
  • Make a hanging loop. Cut a piece of string/yarn. Tie the loose ends into a knot to make a circle. Secure the string/yarn around the top of the hoop by pushing the knot through the loop. Then pull tight to create the hanging loop.
  • Attach fringe. You can tie strips of fabric or pieces of string/yarn to the bottom of the hoop and then affix beads and feathers to the end of them.
  • Hang your dreamcatcher.