Installing a decorative chair rail

Adding a decorative feature to your room is easy with the installation of chair rails using Loctite® Power Grab® Molding & Paneling.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Determine the height to place the chair rail. Note: traditional height is 32" from floor.

  2. Mark the wall in several spots at the desired height. Use a level to verify the measurements are level.

  3. Measure the wall length and cut the first chair rail to size. Cut the rail so that it is square on one end. For the other end, cut it at a 45-degree angle with a miter box if it’s an outside corner, otherwise use a technique called "coping" for inside corner.

  4. When "coping" the corner, set a small piece of chair rail against the back of the piece you will be cutting. Mark the profile of the chair rail onto the back of the piece to be cut. Cut the profile out with a coping saw keeping the saw perpendicular to the chair rail so it fits perfectly against the next piece of chair rail.

  5. Apply Loctite® Power Grab® Molding & Paneling Adhesive to the back of the chair rail and press into place. Power Grab has Instant Grab™ so it will stick to the wall with minimal bracing, greatly simplifying the job. Loctite Power Grab will also allow you to reposition the chair rail to ensure it is level with the wall markings. Unlike solvent adhesives, Loctite Power Grab requires little or no nailing to hold in place and is water clean-up.

  6. Continue with each piece following steps above.

  7. If finishing nails are used, set all the nails with a nail set. Nail holes and gap joints can be filled with wood putty and stained, varnished or painted if desired.


Loctite Power Grab is GREENGUARD™ Certified so you never have to worry about indoor air quality. This makes Loctite Power Grab ideal for use in office buildings, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and schools.


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