Star crafts for great laughs

Star crafts made from paper turn your home into a memory lane

Star crafts made from paper are both simple to make and ecologically smart—and of course they’re fun. Read on to get some great ideas for easy projects you can do today.

Why make star crafts anyway?

Stars have a mystical look and feel about them. They represent our hopes and dreams and we wish on them if we see them falling. They are associated with all that is good in the universe and special people that have come and gone in our lives. They even are associated with the best actors and actresses from Hollywood. So it’s understandable that having them hanging around your house as your next DIY project will have lots of appeal. Learn one way to make star handicrafts below.

Star handicrafts with buttons and pearls

There are a million things you can do with star crafts. Here is one idea to get you going:

  1. Cut a star out of heavy paper, cardboard, or even wood.
  2. Carefully drill a hole in one point of the star. This will be used for passing a string through which will be used for hanging it up later.
  3. Paint the star with acrylic paint to make it a more permanent piece.
  4. Cut a family picture to size and glue it to the middle of the star.
  5. Next, scour the house for leftover buttons and fake pearls and gems. Use a good mix of sizes and even colors if you like.
  6. Place buttons, fake pearls and gems on the star in an attractive pattern, creating a frame around your photo.
  7. Apply a small amount of glue on each button or ornament and start attaching them to the star. Hold in place for a few seconds for the best adhesion.
  8. Cover as much of the star as possible while overlapping some of the buttons or pearls.
  9. Put a string through the hole previously drilled and hang your star somewhere special.

For an added dimension to your project, glue your photo first to a thin piece of foam rubber or other material that is cut to the same shape as the photo. Then glue the foam rubber to the star. That way the photo will be raised from the surface, creating a 3D effect. Experiment and have fun!

Choose the right glue for your star crafts projects

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