In the white room

A handy guide to using white caulk around the house

Don’t get confused by the sheer volume of white caulk on the shelves. They may look alike from the outside, but they’re actually very different products. We’ll help guide you to the right sealant for any job, and offer application tips for professional looking results.

What is white silicone caulk?

White silicone caulk is a common sealant used to seal multiple points around the home. Without caulk, pests as well weather would seep into the doors and windows, and climate control in the home would be unstable. In the bathroom, no caulking would lead to water penetrating the walls, causing mold and structural damage.

From an aesthetic standpoint, white sealant adds a clean transition between trim and walls.

How to apply white caulk for wood trim

  1. Tape your borders using painters’ tape.
  2. Cut the tip of the caulk tube at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Puncture the inner cartridge with the metal rod on the caulk gun.
  4. Insert cartridge into the caulking gun and test your bead size on a disposable surface. 
  5. Always starting in the corner, apply the caulk in an even stream along the joint. 
  6. Tool the bead with a wet finger or smoothing tool.
  7. Remove painters’ tape, and allow caulk to dry before painting. Remember that not all sealants are paintable.

The method for caulking a shower surround is the same as caulking wood trim detailed above, differing only in the type of caulk you’re using.

White caulk for exteriors and interiors

White sealant provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing finish to your home. Here’s a list of popular caulks for different parts of the home.

Bathrooms & kitchen

For sealing bathrooms and kitchens, Loctite 100% Silicone is ideal. It makes quick work of caulk jobs with fast cure times, and won’t crack or shrink with time. Its advanced formula contains mildewcide, which prohibits the growth of mold and mildew.

Interior & exterior

For a sealant that can do it all, reach for Loctite PL Heavy Duty Sealant. This multifunctional white caulk will handle any surface, interior or exterior. It has five times the flexibility of normal sealants, and will not discolor with time. Is it raining a lot? No problem, the special formula will not wash out during application and is 100% waterproof.