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Multiple solutions for your sealing needs both inside and out.

PL® - Premium Application

All in one, unique 5x stretch and superior strength. Excellent seal on the widest amount of substrates, plus sealis air leaks around windows and doors.

Polyseamseal® Adhesive Caulk

Seals most indoor projects in and around the house and paintable in 40 minutes

Polyseamseal® General Application

Provides a flexible weather resistant seal available on three formulas: caulk with silicone, silicone or caulk.

PL® - Polyurethane

Polyurethane sealants are used on expansion joints are waterproof, anti-aging and resistant to chemicals.

PL® - Marine

Delivers strong bonds while forming a watertight, flexible seal above or below the waterline once cured. It withstands both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Re-New™ Kitchen and Bath Sealant

Repairs ugly looking caulk in the kitchen and bathroom.

Repairs molding, yellowing and cracking old sealant joints in only one-step in the kitchen and bathroom.

As easy as using a highlighter with professional-like quality with no need to remove the old sealant.


Here we expose some advice, tricks and tips that will help you get your home improvement, repairs or job done more quickly, more safely and with less stress.